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Video Notes:

Pingbacks on WordPress are sort of a trick subject. Pingbacks have a ton of value for bloggers and they alert you of your SEO gains but is it worth all the spam?

In this video, I’ll cover the basic idea behind what is a pingback and also show you how to decativate and reactivate a pingback on your WordPress dashboard.

Here’s an excerpt from WordPress:

A pingback is a type of comment that’s created when you link to another blog post where pingbacks are enabled. The best way to think about pingbacks is as remote comments:

Person A posts something on his blog.
Person B posts on her own blog, linking to Person A’s post. This automatically sends a pingback to Person A when both have pingback enabled blogs.
Person A’s blog receives the pingback, then automatically goes to Person B’s post to confirm that the pingback did, in fact, originate there.

Watch this video for a more comprehensive look!


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