Steal my top converting WordPress web designs here: Before you add or remove a WordPress editor, shouldn’t you know what an editor DOES? Of course. That’s why we made this WordPress tutorial. Check out the video to learn how and to learn more about the WordPress Editor.


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Video Notes:
When you add or remove a WordPress Editor, you are messing with one of the most important roles in the WordPress roles and responsibilities matrix. Not only can the editor act as the… well… editor for the entire site, the editor also have some expanded features as well.

Here’s an excerpt directly from WordPress:

A Role defines a set of tasks a user assigned the role is allowed to perform. For instance, the Super Admin role encompasses every possible task that can be performed within a Network of virtual WordPress sites. The Administrator role limits the allowed tasks only to those which affect a single site. On the other hand, the Author role allows the execution of just a small subset of tasks.


Watch the whole video for an extended look at how to properly use the WordPress editor function before you add or remove a wordpress editor. Then, go into your WordPress website or blog and make it work for you!


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