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Your website is a very important part of your business. It’s the first impression of every visitor. Now you want to capture their attention immediately and draw them into the message you’re presenting. Let us design your website to do exactly this! We’re experienced and able to design complete websites from scratch, revamp old sites or simply give consultation on what could make your website convert better. Contact us today to set up a design appointment!





Retro is great and I love it but some website designs can be a little TOO retro. If your website looks like it’s from the nineties or even eighties (as great as those decades were), you’re not projecting the right image for your customers. The first thing most customers will do when they hear about your business is look up the website to learn more and you want what they see to impress them. Your website is the first customer service they will receive.

We can build or update your website to grow your business and help you serve your customers. A modern and well designed website is essential to reflect a professional appearance to your customers and establish a valuable brand. A social media presence in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms is an effective and powerful way to reach new customers and engage them and a website is the perfect way to link and promote these channels.

Easy access to important information such as office hours and contact emails or phone numbers is a minimum expectation a of modern business but clickable links and contact forms can increase the likelihood of those visitors taking the next step and reaching out. Showcase your favorite products and services and build an invaluable email list. Having an email list to communicate with customers and potential customers is an absolute necessity to build and grow your business.

Whether you need an update or a complete website, we’re excited to help you help your customers.

In my experience, too many small business owners either spend too little on their website (and hence miss an important opportunity to leverage the Internet) or they spend too much in the wrong places. Dharmesh Shah

Co-founder of HubSpot


A “Landing Page” is the page which your visitor first lands on when they enter your website. It can be any page, but the home page is usually the main landing page. The content first visible when the browser loads is known as what’s “above the fold“. As this is the first thing people viewing your site will see before they even scroll down the page, it’s important to make a good first impression in this space.

  • It’s essential to catch the attention of your visitor without overloading them with confusing options.
  • Make your point clearly, emphasizing what you most want your visitors to know and guide their attention to the desired actions.
  • Have your contact information easily available including clickable links to email, phone numbers and contact forms.

We can help Plumbers, Electricians and trades of all kinds get a high quality website that serves their customers and makes them stand out in competitive fields.

A good website


Website Analytics can help you learn more about how your customers are visiting you. What times, what devices they’re viewing it with, which pages and for how long as well as the demographics of your visitors.

When a designer gives you a bill, what do you see it as? An expense, right? When a designer gives me a bill, I see it as an investment. For me, it is something that appreciates and helps your business grow. Neil Patel

Founder of KISSMetrics, Crazy Egg and Quick Sprout

Bakeries, Restaurants and other food service professionals can count on us for an effective website as beautiful and attractive as their delicious food.


It’s important for a website to have a high quality visual component. Images are critical both to communicate with your consumers and to present a professional appearance. There are, however, several pitfalls that you have to watch out for. People can view your website on so many devices with such different size screens, it can be a challenge to make it look good on all devices and still keep the image size within reason. Keep in mind:

  • If your image size is too small, it will appear grainy and distorted. It must be large enough for computer screens but not so large that it slows down the loading of your website.
  • Image compression is critical to keep your file sizes down so as not to slow down your website. This is especially important for mobile devices, which make up an ever increasing portion of website visits.
  • Use the optimum file type for the image use. Most times this will be .jpg (or .webp although it is not yet widely accepted in browsers). Images in .png can give you transparent backgrounds and .gifs can give you motion but at the cost of file size.

Headings, Titles and Alt Tags, Oh my!

SEO Image


Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Duck Duck Go, etc.) look at your website differently than your visitors do, they look for keywords and meta data and headings and other technical coding to evaluate your site in terms of who is most likely to be searching for it. If your design is confusing and inefficient, the search engines will not properly connect your site with right searches.

The higher your rankings in the search results, the more visitors who will find your website. But if you’re not on the first page of results, the number of people who find your website by searching for it will be reduced significantly. Many things affect this ranking in search engines but “On Page Optimization” is the first essential building block of having an effective website.


Build A Marketing Plan That Will Help Your Business Accomplish It’s Goals

Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * YouTube * Pinterest * E-Mail List * Newsletters * Blog Posts * Quizzes * Contests * Promotions

Affordable videos for your site and social media including Stories in Facebook and Instagram

We can create funnel pages and squeeze pages for products, webinars and promotions. Turn those ad campaigns into successful conversions with the perfect landing page.

Reel In Customers

Professional website design combined with funnel pages, videos, social media and a marketing plan is a great foundation for success and growth in your business.

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