Millionaire Plumber Review

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Better call the Mario Brothers! This course with the catchy title teaches you how to exactly be a Millionaire Plumber. This 5-email mini course was written by Paul Brackely, a former plumber and now a business man.

The course focuses on the key aspects on how to grow your plumbing business. It has tips on getting more clients, applying valuable marketing principles, free advertising in local media and other tricks of the trade.

It’s an easy read without much fluff. The concept is great and it’s a niche that has potential to grow. After all everyone needs help with their plumbing once in a while. However, the content is not very specialized for the industry it targets. If you were to market this for a plumbing company, you would know they want content designed for their business and not generic tips.

Millionaire Plumber targets a specialized market but needs to specialize the content.


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