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11 small business tips Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank teaches. – http://selfmadesuccess.com

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In this video, you will learn 11 small business tips that Kevin O’Leary teaches. If you don’t remember who he is, he is an investor on the hit ABC TV show, Shark Tank, has sold a company for over $1 billion and has invested in dozens of companies. He knows a few small business tips for success because of all this. These small business tips and tricks will help you create more income and understand how to run your things properly. You might want to take his advice. Enjoy the video! https://www.facebook.com/mrjustinbryant


35% of Consumers Say They Are More Likely to Buy if You Offer Monthly Installments

35% of Consumers Say They Are More Likely to Buy if You Offer Monthly Installments

35 percent of Consumers More Likely to Buy if You Offer Monthly Installments

More than one third or 35% of shoppers said they are more likely to make a purchase if a business offers monthly installment payments. This according to a survey carried out by Splitit, a payment solution which gives retailers the ability to provide a payment plan for purchases.

When shoppers are considering an installment plan, close to half or 47% revealed zero interest is the most important consideration. So it is not enough to just offer a payment plan, you also have to provide very low or zero interest otherwise you will lose one in two customers.

For small retailers, online or brick and mortar, providing a monthly installment plan is one of the best ways to increase average order value (AOV). The Splitit platform has been designed to simplify the installment payment process so business owners don’t have to worry about managing the purchases.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Splitit, Gil Don, explained the benefits of providing installment plans in the press release.

Don said, “An interest-free, monthly installment plan offers consumers the best option in alleviating their financial woes and allowing them to shop without burdensome restraints. Offering an effective payment solution is a win-win for both consumers, who can afford more expensive purchases, and for merchants, who can increase revenue and decrease cart abandonment rates.”

The Splitit survey was carried out in collaboration with Google Consumer Surveys in July 2018. More than 1,000 respondents ages 18 to 65+ in the US took part in the survey.

Monthly Installments: Survey Results

In addition to zero interest, no late fees was also an important factor for consumers. Seventeen percent of them said these fees are a deterrent when they are in the process of choosing a payment option.

For 20% of millennials, the issues of late fees carried more weight. They said it was the most important consideration when they signed up for a payment solution.

When making purchases online, 83% said they are afraid of losing control of their cash flow or overspending. This has translated into shoppers making fewer expensive purchases online.

However, 25% of online shoppers said the option of an interest-free monthly installment payment plan would encourage them to purchase the high-ticket items.

While on the subject of purchases, millennials are more concerned with the possibility of damaging their credit score. This was true for 25% of the millennial respondents.

The Splitit Solution

Splitit has created a workaround for businesses so they can provide monthly payment plans with no interest rates and late fees. And best of all customers don’t have to register or apply like traditional installment payment plans or services.

The company uses the Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well as the debit cards your customers already use and offers monthly payment plans.

Splitit authorizes the full amount of the purchase on the shopper’s existing credit and debit card and holds their credit line for the entire amount.

35 percent of Consumers More Likely to Buy if You Offer Monthly Installments

The service is currently being used in 25 countries around the world by 800 Internet and traditional merchants.

Image: Splitit

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Inventory Event for Small Businesses Coming Dec. 13

Inventory Event for Small Businesses Coming Dec. 13

5 Inventory Tracking Trends For 2017
Proper inventory management allows your small business to run with greater efficiency.

Scott Gregory is holding a webinar on Thursday, December 13, 2018, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (EST) to show you just how efficient your business can be using QuickBooks for inventory.

If you want to get a basic understanding of how to use inventory correctly in QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise, Gregory will usehis 30+ years in accounting inventory as well as more than 17 years with QuickBooks software to teach you.

Some of the topics Gregory will address in the webinar include a review of how the purchase order cycle works from order to receipt; how the flow of information works between quote, sales order, and invoice; inventory reports in QuickBooks to help you understand how they work and more.

You can attend the webinar by clicking the register button. If you want to save on the event, enter code 20Off and you will get 20% off on all tickets.

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Basics of Tracking Inventory in QuickBooks Pro/Premier/EnterpriseBasics of Tracking Inventory in QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise
December 13, 2018, Online

This event features a live demonstration of the QuickBooks item list, inventory items, non-inventory items, and much more relating to inventory. Learn how the inventory flow works from purchase order to customer shipment. Register today and follow @qbguy!

Discount Code
20Off (20% off on all tickets)

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Small Business Saturday Poised to be a Big One, According to Experts

Small Business Saturday Poised to be a Big One, According to Experts

It’s almost the big day!

No, not Thanksgiving. Or Black Friday. We’re talking about Small Business Saturday. It’s coming up soon — November 24!

The day that was created as a promotion by American Express has turned itself into somewhat of a household name, as it were.

And amid all the hooplah and madness of Thanksgiving travels and Black Friday shopping, it’s easy to get lost in that.

Don’t fret. There’s still time to prepare for this other big day next week. We’ve got resources and information you’ll need to get your business ready for Small Business Saturday this year.

For the rest of the small business headlines this week, check out our weekly news roundup below, including details on why some experts expect this to be one of the busiest holiday shopping seasons in recent memory and how to prepare your business for it.

Retail Trends

SCORE Tells Small Businesses to Prepare for Another Busy Holiday Shopping Season

The revenues for Thanksgiving week in 2017 was up by 33% from 2016. And according to SCORE, small businesses better be ready for another busy holiday shopping season in 2018. The organization, which mentors small business owners, is bullish on the 2018 season, predicting sales will remain strong.

These 3 Things are the Biggest Online Holiday Season Pains for Retailers

Speed, cost, and the seasonal increase in volume are the biggest holiday shopping season pain points for retailers. This according to a new survey by Simplr, which looked at the pulse of small-medium sized ecommerce retailers handling customer service inquiries to determine how businesses were getting ready for the holiday shopping season.


29% Prefer Communicating with Remote Employees by Phone, Survey Says

A new survey from Voxbone reveals the phone is still the preferred technology for staying in touch for remote workers. This might be somewhat surprising considering the popularity of text and IM, but a phone call is hard to beat to quickly get your point across; especially with complex subject matters.

Marketing Tips

Google Shares Tips for Attracting More Customers Online This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is responsible for generating a large percentage of the yearly profits for many businesses. A new infographic from Google wants to help you prepare your site and ads for the increased activity which will come your way as the season moves along. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the holiday sales during November and December 2017 was up 5.

93% of Marketers Say Video Has Brought New Customers

How big is the impact of video in today’s digital environment? According to a new report by Animoto, 93% of marketers say video is responsible for landing them a new customer. When it comes to consumers and social media, video is first with everything else coming in second.


New  Report Shares Facts Small Business Owners MUST Know about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, unintentional carbon monoxide (CO), poisoning is responsible for hundreds of deaths each year. This is especially important to remember for small business owners who have employees on site.

Small Business Operations

Businesses  Prefer Regional Trade as Tariffs and Protectionism Threaten Global Prospects

Due to customer demand and favorable economic conditions, businesses worldwide have growing confidence. But however confident they may be, many companies are beginning to shift toward doing business within their own regions due to uncertainty surrounding global trade, according to a new HSBC survey of over 8,500 companies.

Technology Trends

FTC Launches New Cyber Security Tools for Small Business

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a resource to raise awareness about the vital role cybersecurity plays for the 32+ million small businesses in the US. This effort was part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) in October, which has been recognized every month since 2003. The NCSAM was established with the collaboration of the U.S.

New Apple iPad Pro Could Supplement Your Small Business PC

The new Apple iPad Pro is bigger, faster and more integrated with applications creatives like to use in two different models. The 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions have a new edge-to-edge display, upgraded specs, and they support the new Apple Pencil. If you are ready to shell out a starting price of $799 for 11-inch version and $999 for its 12.

Photo via Shutterstock

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Small Business Trends Recognized in Case Study by AI Platform Ezoic

Small Business Trends Recognized in Case Study by AI Platform Ezoic

Small Business Trends Recognized in Advertising Case Study by AI Platform Ezoic

Small Business Trends Media Group, the parent publishing group of SmallBizTrends.com and BizSugar.com, is honored to be the subject of a case study by its technology partner, Ezoic.

The case study highlights Small Business Trends’ use of Ezoic’s artificial intelligence and machine learning platform. The platform dynamically optimizes user experience and ad revenues for publisher websites.

Advertising Case Study

Ezoic solved real challenges facing Small Business Trends.

Facing changing ad policies as well as the shift to programmatic advertising instead of direct ad sales, it became harder to scale ad revenues. “We knew we had to change. We even considered dramatically altering our business model by eliminating ads altogether,”  said Leland McFarland, CTO of Small Business Trends.

With a site the size of Small Business Trends, it had become impossible to do testing manually. “We used to keep a tedious log by hand to track site changes, ad combinations, revenues, and results of A/B testing. It was a nightmare,” McFarland added.

Then McFarland, along with Small Business Trends founder and CEO Anita Campbell, attended a Pubtelligence conference put on by Ezoic. “After that we decided to go all in with Ezoic. And it paid off in improved results. Those results are outlined in the case study,” he added.

Ezoic helps with revenues, but does so much more. As an artificial intelligence platform which includes its proprietary Big Data Analytics reporting, Ezoic delivers invaluable insights about user experience. For example, it identifies which articles are most engaging. The site is then able to build on past successes and deliver improved content for readers to enjoy.

“This is the first time we have been the subject of a case study.  Ezoic has been a fabulous technology partner and we’re thrilled to work with them. This case study comes on the heels of our 15-year anniversary as a website and company. It validates all the hard work put in by the team,” said Campbell.

Small Business Trends Media Group provides targeted, custom content reaching small businesses. Through its multiple digital media outlets, it features advice, news and resources for small businesses of up to 100 employees.

The company also publishes a digital magazine and special publications such as ebooks, templates and tools like the Headline Generator. Through all of its channels, the Small Business Trends Media Group reaches a highly targeted audience of over 2,000,000 small business owners, stakeholders and entrepreneurs each month.

The company has been publishing continuously since 2003 and is one of the largest independently-owned news sites dedicated to small business.

The company’s mission is “small business success … delivered daily.”

Image: Ezoic

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Eventbrite UK at Small Business Advice Week 2015

As part of Small Business Advice Week, which helps the country’s 5.2 million SMEs thrive in tough times with advice from both
leading experts and businesses across Britain, Eventbrite has put together this video including advice on how to run events to support your business objectives.

The video also includes a real life case study from UBREW on how and why they’re running events to help them to grow their business.


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