Email Marketing

How any business can increase revenue and profits with a simple email list
 An email list of customers and potential customers can boost the sales and profits of any business because it is a highly targeted list that you can contact on a regular basis,...

Microsoft Office brings you new privacy controls

[ad_1] Updates to Office privacy controls provide more transparency and clarity about data collection, and options for both users and admins. The post Microsoft Office brings you new privacy controls appeared first on Microsoft 365 Blog. <br>[ad_2]...

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The cloud demystified: How it works and why it matters

[ad_1] Whether you’re backing up photos or streaming our favorite TV shows, you may know it’s all made possible by the cloud. But for a lot of us, that’s where the understanding ends. With Next ’19, Google Cloud’s annual customer conference, this week, it’s a good...

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Master your email with these essential Gmail tips

[ad_1] Your email can feel like a never-ending to-do list. And in a world where technology makes you more connected to work than ever before, how do you set ground rules to keep your energy up, your focus sharp and your sanity intact? As a productivity expert at...

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Hitting send on the next 15 years of Gmail

[ad_1] Back in 2004, email looked a lot different than it does today. Inboxes were overtaken by spam, and there was no easy way to search your inbox or file messages away. Plus, you had to constantly delete emails to stay under the storage limit. We built Gmail to...

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Closing the skills gap in manufacturing with Microsoft 365

[ad_1] In this era of digital transformation, manufacturers must reimagine the roles, skills, and tools to transform how they work. To help manufacturers with their digital transformation, we’re enabling new ways to work with Microsoft 365 for Firstline Workers to...

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