Email Marketing

Email Marketing

How any business can increase revenue and profits with a simple email list

An email list of customers and potential customers can boost the sales and profits of any business because it is a highly targeted list that you can contact on a regular basis, month after month, at a very low cost.

Your emails are sent to your entire list at the press of a button

and help to increase your reputation and credibility as an expert in your field.

The emails can include details of new products or services, they could look at a featured product or maybe a product of the month that you want to tell your customers about.

You could tell them about a special event that you are holding

You could tell them the latest news about your company, your staff and your products.

All of these help to keep your business at the front of the customer’s mind so that they always think of you before your competitors!

Your email list can boost your profits in more direct ways too…

You could send a special offer, a discount or a coupon to your list.

This could be to promote a specific product or service, or to increase business at times when you’re normally quieter.

For example, a discount for a restaurant on normally quieter midweek nights.

A discount can be time-sensitive too, to encourage rapid action… so it could be valid for just 3 or 4 days for example.

As well as increasing your revenue, an email list can also help to reduce your expenses…

Many businesses find that once they have a responsive email list, they are able to drastically reduce their existing ad and marketing spend.

All in all, an email list of customers and potential customers will quickly become a valuable asset for your business that will boost your revenue and increase your profits for months and years to come.

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