What is a WAF?

Have you ever wondered what WAF means?

WAF stands for Website Application Firewall. In order to make it simple to understand, imagine your website as a house and the people outside on the streets are the traffic that wants to come to your website.  Of course, you want to open your door to friends and family, but you also want to protect your house from the bad guys. That is exactly what the firewall does. The WAF is the locked house door. A WAF keeps the malicious traffic off your website. In other words, a WAF is a layer of protection that sits between your website and the traffic it receives.

Why do you need a WAF?

The same way that there are criminals on the streets, there are hackers online. Threats to websites emerge and evolve every day; keeping up with the hacking trends can be very stressful to any webmaster.

Network and local firewalls alone cannot stop hackers from breaking into your website anymore. Many of these solutions are not effective when it comes to stopping malicious online traffic.

Having an effective Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides companies and website owners peace of mind.

Expecting the hosts to take care of your website security can be misleading, as their main goal is to ensure the accessibility of your website. Some hosts, like GoDaddy, do offer website security. Nevertheless, you need to make sure to implement a security solution, like the Sucuri Platform to protect your website for you.

Another important aspect of having a Website Application Firewall on your website is the time it will save you in the long run. After setting up a WAF properly on your website, you would no longer be spending precious time thinking about ways to protect it. Then, if your website was, in fact, hacked, how many hours would you waste trying to find the issue and fix it? I am not even mentioning the amount of money potentially lost from having an unprotected website.

How does a WAF work?

The WAF works as a vaccine for a website. It is a preventive measure taken so your website does not get infected or goes offline. Nobody really likes to be vaccinated, but the cost of getting sick is always a thousand times higher. Having a WAF activated means having a proactive posture on your website security.

You already know that having a website firewall solution is vital to protecting any website. Next, let’s dive deeper into the characteristics of WAFs.

WAF Features

Application firewalls go beyond the metadata of the packets transferred at the network level. They focus on the data in transfer. Application firewalls were created to understand the type of data allowed for each protocol, like SMTP and HTTP. There are specific application firewalls for websites and they are called Website Application Firewalls (WAF).

In general, all WAF solutions function the same way. They are basically a wall between your website application and the visitor browsing your website. A WAFs main goal is to impede malicious requests from damaging your website.

The difference among the many website firewall solutions in the market is mainly how they are deployed and their database. The Sucuri WAF is the most advanced in terms of virtual patching. We take research very seriously. Our firewall analysts work hard day and night so we can provide you the most complete and robust solution in the market. Our WAF filters block up to 100% of the attacks your website can suffer from.

Now that you know what a WAF is, let’s talk about the Sucuri WAF.

Sucuri Firewall

Sucuri is a website security company that was born to offer website owners a comprehensive security solution. The Sucuri Firewall is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) Website Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) developed exclusively for websites.

What is great about the Sucuri Firewall is that it functions as a reverse proxy. The Sucuri WAF intercepts and inspects all incoming Hypertext Transfer Protocol/Secure (HTTP/HTTPS) requests to a website. Then the WAF strips the malicious requests at the Sucuri network edge before it arrives at your server.


Another feature that the Sucuri Firewall offers is that its WAF includes Virtual Patching and Virtual Hardening engines. The Sucuri Firewall mitigates threats as they happen.

The Sucuri WAF keeps the threats far from your website without impacting your website negatively. Quite the opposite, the Sucuri website firewall makes a website up to 70% faster, as it is built on a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

Performance optimization is part of the Sucuri WAF features. The CDN caches dynamic and static content across all nodes in the network to ensure optimal performance around the world. The Sucuri WAF configuration makes adequate preparation for global reach, load balancing, failover, and comprehensive performance improvement.

The Sucuri WAF runs on a proprietary Globally Distributed Anycast Network (GDAN). Anycast allows a network to broadcast an IP to multiple locations from a single node, permitting the nearest node to respond to a request. Imagine your website has a global audience: the website is hosted on a server in Houston, but your main visitors are in Asia and Western Europe. If you have the Sucuri Firewall activated on your website, the content would be broadcasted from a Tokyo and London Point of Presence (PoP) via our Anycast network. The result would be an improved user experience as visitors in Asia would get a response from the Tokyo PoP, and the ones in Europe from the London PoP. To sum it up, since Sucuri WAF runs on a Global AnyCast Network, the nearest node responds to the requests, bringing improved availability, resiliency, and failover capability to any website.

This unique configuration allows for high availability and redundancy if anything fails in the network. Moreover, the Sucuri Firewall offers full Domain Name Server (DNS) services.

Another great advantage of using the Sucuri WAF solution is that it can help you increase your SEO rankings. The inclusion of an SSL certificate and improved speed from the Anycast CDN can improve SEO. You might see SEO improvement after the Sucuri WAF is activated because having HTTPS enabled and using a CDN are confirmed ranking signals from Google.

To sum it up, the Sucuri WAF:

  • Mitigates Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
  • Prevents Vulnerability Exploit Attempts, such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), remote file inclusion (RFI) and local file inclusion (LFI)
  • Protects Against the OWASP Top 10 (and more)
  • Protects Against Zero-Day Exploits
  • Protects Against Access Control Attacks, such as Brute Force attempts
  • Offers Performance Optimization with its CDN

How can I add the Sucuri WAF to my Website?

In order to add the Sucuri Firewall to your website, all you need to do is add a DNS A record or switch to Sucuri nameservers. The time to go live is dictated by the DNS Time to Live (TTL). In most cases, it takes from 30 to 60 minutes. If you have any issues during the setup, or if you are not technical and need assistance, our support team can guide you through it.


As you have seen, using the Sucuri Website Application Firewall can be very valuable for your website and business. Not only do we offer protection, but also a performance boost and better SEO, which are like gold for any website owner. If you are wondering why you have not added our Firewall onto your website yet — don’t worry. Chat with us and we will help you have your website protected today.

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How to Add an E-book Optin Form with an Immediate Download to Divi’s SEO Layout Pack

How to Add an E-book Optin Form with an Immediate Download to Divi’s SEO Layout Pack

Every week, we provide you with a new and free Divi layout pack which you can use for your next project. Along with every layout pack, we also share a use case that’ll help you take your website to the next level.

This week, as part of our ongoing Divi design initiative, we’re going to show you how to add an e-book optin form with an immediate download to Divi’s SEO layout pack landing page. This way of approaching your optin forms is a win-win situation for both you and your visitors. You’ll be able to grow your email list and your visitors will be able to download valuable content right after sharing their name and email address with you. You won’t have to provide your visitors with an email containing the download; they’ll be able to click on the download button right away.

Use Case Sneak Peek

The custom and locked content opt-in form we’re going to add to the landing page looks like this:


After someone subscribes to your optin form, the following button will show up (instead of the optin form) on which they can click and start a download right away:


The Setup

1. Install and activate the Divi Theme
2. Install Plugins
3. Download the Layout Pack and Import the SEO_All.json file to your Divi Theme Library.
4. Create new pages for each layout.
5. Create your primary menu.

If you are confused by the setup listed above, you can find more detailed instructions on how to setup your layout properly by checking out these 10 steps for using a layout pack for your new project.

Part 1: Download & Install the Bloom Plugin

Step 1: Download Bloom

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the Bloom plugin. If you’re an Elegant Themes member, you can find the plugin in the Member’s Area after you log in. If you’re not an Elegant Themes member yet, go to the following page to become a member of our empowered community.


Step 2: Upload & Install Bloom

Once you download the Bloom plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Bloom and make sure you activate it as well.


Part 2: Create a Locked Content Optin Form

Step 1: Go to Bloom & Click on New Optin

The first thing we’re going to do is create a new locked content optin form for our website. To do that, go to Bloom > Optin Forms > And click on ‘New Optin’.


Step 2: Select Locked Content Optin Form

Once you click on ‘New Optin’, you’ll see a wide range of optin forms show up. The one we’ll be needing is the ‘Locked Content’ one.


Step 3: Setup Form Integration

The next thing you will need to do is give a name to your new optin form and enable a form integration with the email provider you’re using.


Step 4: Design Settings

Now that you’ve finished the practical part of the optin form, you can go ahead and change the design of it. The first thing you will need to do is remove the optin title and optin message altogether. Then, select ‘Image Above Text’ as the Image Orientation and select ‘section-bg-graph.png‘ as your image. This image is, after adding the SEO layout pack to your website, already present within your media folder.


Scroll down the Design page and make sure the following changes apply to your optin styling, form setup and form styling:

  • Background Color: #FFFFFF
  • Form Orientation: Form on Bottom
  • Name Fields: Single Name Field
  • Form Background Color: #8a1fbb
  • Button Color: #000000
  • Button Text Color: Light


Step 5: Additional CSS Code

Last but not least, we’ll be adding some additional CSS code that will make our optin form look just a little better:

.et_bloom .et_bloom_form_header img, .et_bloom .et_bloom_form_header .et_bloom_form_text {
padding: 0px !important;

.et_bloom .et_bloom_form_container .et_bloom_form_header {
padding: 0px !important;


Part 3: Add Locked Content Optin Form to Landing Page

Step 1: Change Hero Section Spacing

Now that we’ve created the locked content optin form, we’re ready to start adding it to the landing page. Start off by opening the landing page with the visual builder, opening the hero section settings and changing the custom padding into:

  • Top: 2%
  • Bottom: 0px


Step 2: Remove Current Row

Continue by removing the row that’s currently being used within the hero section.


Step 3: Add One-Column Row

And, instead, add a row with one column to your section.


Step 4: Clone ‘Our Services’ Text Module & Place in New Row

Then, clone the ‘Our Services’ Text Module within the second section of the page and place it within the row you’ve just created.


Step 5: Change Text Subcategory

We’ll need to make some modifications to this Text Module. Besides changing the content, make the following changes to the Text subcategory:

  • Text Color: Light
  • Text Size: 22px
  • Text Color: #f2f2f2


Step 6: Change Heading Text Subcategory

Scroll down the Design tab, open the Heading Text subcategory and change the Heading Text Size into ’36px’ as well.


Step 7: Change Sizing

Next, open the Sizing subcategory and apply the following settings:

  • Width: 388px
  • Module Alignment: Center


Step 8: Add New Text Module

Right below the Text Module you’ve just edited, add another Text Module.


Step 9: Add Locked Content Optin Form Shortcode to Text Module

The first thing you’ll need to add to this Text Module is the shortcode of the locked content optin form we’ve created at the beginning of this post.



Step 10: Add Downloadable Zipped File to Media & Copy Link

Then, add a zipped file to your media folder containing the content you’d like to share with your visitors for free. Once you’ve added the zipped file, copy the link assigned to your zipped file.


Step 11: Add Download Link Between Locked Content Optin Form Shortcode

Right in between your optin form shortcode, add the link to your zipped file. Make sure you use your own zipped file URL for the ‘href’:

<a target="_blank" href="">Download the Free E-book</a>



Step 12: Add Background Color to Text Module

Next, open the Background subcategory of your Text Module and change the background color into ‘#FFFFFF’.


Step 13: Text Settings

Move on to the Design tab, open the Text subcategory and apply the following changes to it:

  • Text Font: Poppins
  • Text Font Weight: Regular
  • Text Size: 27px
  • Text Color: #8a1fbb
  • Text Orientation: Center


Step 14: Sizing

Then, open the Sizing subcategory and use the following settings for it:

  • Width: 47% (Desktop), 100% (Tablet & Phone)
  • Module Alignment: Center


Step 15: Spacing

This Text Module will need the following custom padding as well:

  • Top: 0px
  • Bottom: 25px


Step 16: Border Settings

Then, open the Border subcategory and add ’20px’ to each one of the corners.


Step 17: Box Shadow

Lastly, apply a subtle Box Shadow to your Text Module by clicking on the following Box Shadow option and using its default settings:e-book

Final Thoughts

In this use case blog post, we’ve shown you how to add an e-book optin form to your website that immediately gets followed by a download button to Divi’s free SEO Layout Pack using Bloom. This use case is part of our ongoing Divi initiative where our design team shares a new layout pack with you each and every week. If you have any questions; make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below!

.divi_cta{background-color: #8f43ee; color: #fff; font-size: 20px; font-weight: bold; padding: 20px; text-align: center; display: block; text-decoration: none; border-radius: 4px;}.divi_cta:hover{text-decoration:none;background-color:#7d37d6;}.divi_cta_red{background-color:#db1c1c;}.divi_cta_red:hover{background-color:#c51a1a;}

The post How to Add an E-book Optin Form with an Immediate Download to Divi’s SEO Layout Pack appeared first on Elegant Themes Blog.

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McAfee Endpoint Security Earns Top Product Award

McAfee Endpoint Security Earns Top Product Award

The AV-TEST Institute, a leading international and independent service provider in the fields of IT security and anti-virus research,  has given McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) a Top Product Award in their latest corporate Windows7 test. AV-Test evaluated the most recent version 10.5.3 of McAfee Endpoint Security and gave it a score of 17.5 out of a possible 18. Both Usability and Protection earned perfect scores of 6 out of 6, with Performance achieving a near-perfect score of 5.5 out of 6.

That means our latest Endpoint Security solution is yet again a market-leading solution, surpassing other enterprise platform security vendors in independent scoring around Protection, Performance and Usability.  In fact, McAfee ENS was 100% effective against both 0-day malware attacks as well as prevalent malware circulating in the past 4 weeks. And with virtually no false positives (only 1 out of 1.3M) McAfee ENS showed virtually no signs of impacting user productivity.

McAfee ENS is our most modern and effective endpoint security platform to date, delivering advanced integrated capabilities from endpoint hardening, to reputation analysis, machine learning, behavioral containment and endpoint detection and response (EDR). Eighty percent of our current endpoint node base has either completed or is actively in the process of migration to ENS. That’s tens of millions of nodes across thousands of customers globally.

In addition to the Top Product Award for our corporate endpoint solution, our McAfee consumer product—McAfee Internet Security—received perfect scores across the board for protection performance and usability, resulting in an 18 out of 18.  This is significant as both our corporate and consumer nodes work together to deliver one of the largest real-world sensor grids available with over 350 million clients deployed globally.  This sensor network continuously informs our analytics and makes it possible for us to deliver truly differentiated protection as our test results confirm.


If you’re a current McAfee customer using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee Site Advisor or Host Intrusion Prevention, you already own McAfee ENS and can download it here.  McAfee ENS simplifies what you manage because it uses one agent and integrates defenses into one platform. How much does it simplify? You could save up to 40 hours a week and cut threat remediation time by as much as 95%. Those aren’t numbers created in a McAfee lab, actual customers have reported saving this much time.


Not a McAfee customer? In that case let me ask two questions:

  • Have you had an instance of ransomware in the last year? Our customers report after deploying McAfee Endpoint Security going from regular waves of attacks to zero.
  • How many solutions and management tools do you use to secure your endpoints? Odds are it’s between 4-5 because that’s the average.

Think about how much time having one place to go to manage everything would save you! Now imagine if instead of moving from the multiple tools and interfaces you use and plugging in data or manually deciding what to do, having integrated components that do the collaboration and put threats into context for you.

Learn more about the latest McAfee Endpoint Security or if you’re already a customer, get the details on how to upgrade your legacy products.

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WPWeekly Episode 302 – Brian Gardner, Founder of StudioPress

In this episode, John James Jacoby and I are joined by Brian Gardner, founder of StudioPress. We talk about the past, present, and future of the company including various milestones such as the Genesis framework and merger with CopyBlogger Media in 2010. We also discuss the community surrounding StudioPress’ products and the role it plays in the company’s continued success.

Picks of the Week:

Ahmad Awais Create Guten Block toolkit.

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Wednesday, January 31st 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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Listen To Episode #302:

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Why Republic Day of India Matters to Me and McAfee

Why Republic Day of India Matters to Me and McAfee

By Smriti, HR Partner

At McAfee, we love to recognize and celebrate the traditions and holidays observed by our employees around the world. With nearly 7,500 employees spanned across the globe, you can image just how many occasions we get to celebrate! This week, we happen to be celebrating one of my favorite national holidays – the Republic Day of India.

Observed annually on January 26, the Republic Day of India honors the day on which India’s constitution came into effect.

Celebrating at McAfee: M-ALIVE

At McAfee India, we go BIG for Republic Day. Our M-ALIVE  Committee (Employee Engagement Committee) distributes sweets to all our employees, and then we take a moment to listen to India’s national anthem. It’s also not uncommon to see employees come to work in their finest Indian ethnic wear. Because we play to win or don’t play here at McAfee, we’ve also added a fun competition to the celebrations this year. The competition involves our teams hosting a mock political campaign where the leader must work for votes by walking the aisles and campaigning using party anthems and symbols. The leader with the most votes in the end is crowned the winner. Needless to say, this will be a good bit of fun! These types of celebrations and traditions bring back many great memories of how I celebrated Republic Day as a child.

Celebrating the Republic Day of India 

As a kid, I remember celebrating Republic Day in school. Being an army officer’s daughter, I am proud to celebrate this day and create memories with friends and families. In the army, all the officers spent the day with their soldiers and honor them for their bravery and integrity. This is followed by flag hosting, speeches and dining together.

At school, students dress in the colors of the house that they belonged to, carrying the feeling of holding the honor and integrity of the nation. I fondly remember having to be punctual and arriving at school to get started with the celebrations.

I remember the school buildings being thoughtfully decorated with flowers, buntings, pictures of heroes of the freedom movement and national flags. Sweets were distributed, a dais was raised, and loud speakers were fitted. All of this was followed by a march featuring the students, cadets, and house captains who saluted the Indian flag as they marched ahead. The school principal or the chief guest unfurled the national flag, followed by the choir singing the national anthem while all the other students joined them.

At night, the whole school was illuminated and tricolors fluttered proudly on the building. It was a sight to see! In fact, it was a day of rejoicing and merry-making that still lives with me today.

I am thankful to work for a company that honors our Indian traditions and the traditions of our diverse employee population all around the world. Being able to recognize this special day with my coworkers just like I did many years ago as a child means so much to me.

For more stories like Smriti’s follow @LifeAtMcAfee on Instagram and on Twitter @McAfee to see what working at McAfee is all about.

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