13 Tips On Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Branding By Daymond John | Advice For Small Businesses

Learn how a lack of money can force entrepreneurs to be more creative and efficient in how they promote their business with his book: http://amzn.to/2fMIr4d

Tips in the video:
Tip 1 – What all entrepreneurs have in common
Tip 2 – What your business should feel like to you
Tip 3 – Educate yourself in the business
Tip 4 – Dedicate a set time for you to work on your business
Tip 5 – Feedback should not come from your family & friends
Tip 6 – Know everything about your customers
Tip 7 – Build up a buzz for your product before you attend a show
Tip 8 – Learn what works through trial & error
Tip 9 – Marketing & advertising are not the same thing
Tip 10 – How to go after stores with your product
Tip 11 – How to pitch your product to investors
Tip 12 – How to choose the right business partner
Tip 13 – Consider yourself as a cost to the business


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