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Quickly Create Powerful Ads for all 7 Major Platforms In 37 Possible Placements


Send unlimited texts to your customers mobile phones using WordPress

Fox4Online Video Apps

Fox4Online Video Apps


Just as every NASCAR driver needs a pit crew, every business needs someone to assist them with their critical online presence. We’re here to SUPERCHARGE your business and take it to the next level whatever your needs.

We can power up your online presence while allowing you to focus on your business. We specialize in video (get a discount to try it out) which is the hottest new tool, get a vibrant facebook video cover or engaging instagram story.

A chatbot is also an effective tool with impressive versatility. Try one free for 14 days check out our full range of website services.

  • Video services from commercials to explainer videos and social media stories
  • Chatbots to act a 24 hour employee guiding your visitors and closing sales
  • Modern and effective websites from an upgrade and redesign to a full fledged website
  • Online Reputation Management to get those critical online reviews and give your visitors confidence
  • Marketing and Ads including social media management

Check our Services page and see a summary of our main services and current offers.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is an epic poem!
Jeff Dobbs

Agency Owner, Fox4Online


  • You can describe your beautiful watches, necklaces and rings … or … you can SHOW them with tantalizing VIDEO that brings it to life and showcases them in all their brilliance.
  • Explainer videos quickly and easily woo your audience giving them clarity and confidence in your services.
  • Video sales letters combine simple scripts with the power of visual words multiplying the impact and sticking in memories like a beloved old jingle.
  • Introduce yourself and your business through video, building a relationship with them before there’s even been contact.
  • Video is so powerful and multifaceted, there is a reason it is the tool of choice for the world’s biggest companies and it’s within your reach too!
  • We can help, contact me now for special introductory offers!

$67  ON SALE!


YouTube is free but there’s a reason for that, they are using the videos to promote their own platform. Links, buttons, images, ads and suggested videos all lead traffic to other areas of YouTube and away from your site. It is not designed for marketers and lacks many of the functions you need to promote your products and services.

Vimeo is another great video streaming service but commercial businesses are required to subscribe to either Vimeo PRO or Vimeo Business. That means ongoing fees month after month.

That’s where Vidyz comes in! Designed for marketers, it doesn’t lead your audience away to other platforms and comes packed with powerful marketing tools such as:

  • Auto-redirect
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Video Autoplay
  • Coupon offers
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Analytic Information

Vidyz provides online storage for up to 10 videos and 200 GB of traffic. And best of all, it is a one time charge with no ongoing fees! Click the button to learn more and purchase this powerful tool to supercharge your online marketing!


Get a free evaluation for your current website including an On-page SEO report!
Reboot your site with a fresh modern design. A brand should be a valuable asset in your business. Make sure yours reflects the image you want.

A modern and effective website is an essential foundation upon which to grow your business, increase  your profits, reduce your costs, automate tasks, communicate with inquiries more!

  • Promote your products and services effectively
  • Utilize video and modern marketing
  • Leverage all your social media channels in one place
  • Grow a valuable email list to connect with your visitors
  • A majority of people search for local businesses online
  • Gain new customers on autopilot
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WPX Hosting

Every hosting company claims blazing speeds but WPX Hosting delivers along with a ton of value!

Divi by Elegant Themes

Constantly updated and secure, Divi Theme is one of the most powerful and versatile themes available.

Get Your Own Custom Designed Website

Services like Angie’s List, Home Advisor and Groupon can cost hundreds every month. In return you get limited information and no email lists. Not to mention your reviews depend on continued subscriptions. Invest in your own platform and build your own email list. Find out where those clicks are coming from. Analyze your marketing return on investment. A website is tireless digital assistant working to guide, serve and bring in your customers.

Get Your Own Custom Marketing Plan

You’re not an anonymous cog in a big agency machine, I will personally assist you in laying out the goals for your website. We’ll customize your design to suit your tastes and serve your business. Analytics will measure the website performance and identify the demographics of your visitors. We can turn the mountains of data into clear actionable items. As your business grows each month, your website is an investment that will pay for itself many times over and our website services can help.
Create Converting Video Ads Instantly for –
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

World’s First & Most Powerful
37-in-1 Video Ads Creation & Training Suite

AdsCrisp Creates Profitable Converting Video Ads for ALL 37 Possible Video Ads Placements on ALL 7 Major Social Media Platforms…

All in Less Than 60 Seconds!!

Get Noticed Image Animals Looking Through the Screen


From Facebook Ads to Instagram Stories to YouTube Videos, we can help you with promotions, ads and social media covers.


Learn how you can get 14 free leads by trying a Chatbot with no risk!

Easy to use and quick to set up, a chatbot can generate leads and sales automatically while you sleep. Close the sale when visitors are about to leave their cart and increase your conversions. Book appointments and offer discounts to bring in business on autopilot. Used by companies large and small, it is more affordable than you think and free to try so add this valuable tool to your website services!
  • A 24 hour digital sales assistant
  • Book appointments with no effort
  • Offer coupons and discounts
  • Reduce your workload
  • Increase your productivity


Reviews make you stand out from your competitors!

Reviews are the modern equivalent of the referral. Sometimes people still ask for referral’s but the first thing everyone checks is your reviews (if you have any). Without them, even your own advertising could be driving business to your competitors when potential clients search for your business online which most people do.

Getting even delighted patrons to leave a review can be a challenge. It can be an intimidating process, people are busy and forget, not to mention it isn’t obvious where you go and how to leave a review. We can help you overcome those challenges and build your invaluable online reputation.

  • People mostly disregard reviews more than three months old, meaning it’s important to keep those reviews coming in.
  • A whopping 93% of potential clients specifically search for a businesses online reviews.
  • Four out of five people value online reviews as much as a personal recommendation or more.
  • Almost everyone (97%) searches for local businesses online and the first thing they’ll see is your reviews (and your competitors).


Texting is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your customers but monthly fees can take a big bite out of your profits. Not anymore!

TEXTLY is a PROVEN SOFTWARE  that sends UNLIMITED MASS TEXTS directly to your subscribers’ phones… WITH ZERO MONTHLY FEES!

  • Collect phone numbers using customizable website forms
  • Unsubscribe links to give your customers confidence and convenience
  • Track your clicks with free analytics software
  • WordPress plugin with no complicated setup, easy to use!

Try TEXTLY risk free for 14 days and see how it can boost your sales.

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